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Palm Toddy

Digital software allows brands to organize, search and promote all properties and assets in one unified repository. It streamlines and automates workflows, eliminates duplicate data, protects against data loss and enables compliance with security protocols. In addition, it provides a unified interface configured to different user roles, and supports the most typical file types and codecs.

Graphic designers, photographers, videographers and other creative teams can build, save and share proofs for the purpose of review and approval with automated workflows, eliminating back-and-forth email messages and clearing up time to get more completed. Marketing clubs can quickly discover and spread the permitted, on-brand imaginative assets to various channels, which includes websites, social websites, e-commerce tools, print and also other channels. The system can also deliver asset-rich, interactive encounters such as a virtual catalog that converts even PDFs in a fully impressive experience to inspire buyers.

Professional sports activities teams deal with the breathtaking responsibility of capturing the pleasure of game day through photos and videos, and then using individuals assets to get in touch with enthusiasts, press and revenue opportunities in the simple hours and days after a game. A DAM program gives groups like the Harrisburg Texans a central repository to store, watch and share these kinds of assets with partners, motor coachs, players, design and style and marketing teams, and fans pooped real-time. It can also uphold manufacturer standards, build up storage capacity, and provide version control, ensuring navigate to this site team members can access the most current investments at all times.

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