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With an extensively rich history of over 2800 years, locals in Asian countries have been consuming the delicious Palm Arrack reverently. What was once known as the finest spirit in the vicinity is being taken to the next level by the team at TAATAS, whose aim was to transform the wondrous Palm Spirit into remarkable Palm Arrack with astounding quality and world-class taste.

TAATAS has been actively engaged in manufacturing and distributing Premium Quality Natural and Organic Palm Arrack in Sri Lanka as well as distributing them successfully to countries all around the world in accordance with International Export Standards and with appropriate certifications required for global exportation.
Ever since Palm Arrack was introduced to the society by the farmers, it has been modernized and established as a factory-based product by TAATAS Organization who effectively filter and distribute the fine arrack in a completely organic way which is beneficial to the society.

TAATAS is proud to be called the predominant organization which has revolutionized the utilization and modernization of Palm Arrack as the superior liquor drink in Sri Lanka. TAATAS has obtained Palm Arrack from the locality and has elevated it so that it is now receiving international recognition as the best drink not only among the arrack category but also within the International liquor category.

TAATAS follows the organic way in manufacturing Palm Arrack. The cultivation of Palmyrah trees is performed in a completely natural way. Since we do not add fertilizers or even water the trees manually, we can confidently say that our Palm Arrack is a 100% organic and natural liquor drink. Moreover, TAATAS does not add preservatives or artificial coloring; everything is completely organic.

TAATAS is one of the leading Palm Arrack manufacturer, distributor and exporters in Sri Lanka, and our aim is always to fulfill the demand of local and foreign citizens of all classes by delivering world-class liquor drink that is our unique Palm Arrack. With strong leadership, innovative ideas, and collaborative strength, the team at TAATAS has effectively expanded the horizon to prospects in the International market through exports, and will continue to reach impossible heights.

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