Sri Lanka alcohol industry is based on “Arrack”, its production spanning from many years. Similar to scotch Whiskey in Britain, Vodka in Russia, Sake in Japan, Arrack has become the alcohol trademark for Sri Lanka.

Discovered so far back as the 5th Century AD in Northern, Sri Lanka. Palm Arrack is unique alcoholic beverage obtain by tapping palm nectar. Lush Palm plantations in the Northern part of island, spanning of millions of acres, were the inspiration for the tapping of Palm Wine and its subsequent distillation to produce the much-released Palm Arrack.

The First Step involves Tapping or extracting Palm Wine, as it is popularly known, from the unopened flower of the palm tree. At dawn, ‘tappers’ move from one tree to another tree to extract the sap of the yet unopened Palm flower. A deft slice with a sharp knife draws the nectar out of the flower. It is collected in a clay pot placed under the flower. A tree on average yields approximately two to five liters of wine per day. The liquid ferments quickly into a middle alcoholic drink locally called ‘raa’, ‘Kallu’ , ‘toddy’ and ‘Palm wine’.

Once the palm wine is collected in the earth ware pot, it undergoes rapid fermentation due to the natural variety of wild yeasts and bacteria. It is then poured into large wooden casks made out of halmilla wood after a minute filtration process.  These wooden casks are then gently transported to factories for distillation. The liquid from thousands of trees is transported in wooden barrels to collection centers, tested for quality, and taken to the distillery and poured into wash backs made of teak or halmilla; all this within 3-4 hours of the sap being drawn from the palm flower. The distillation process is completed within 24 hours.  Sprits obtain are the purest and without impurities.

“Palm Arrack is the only arrack extract from the nectar of the flower”. Palm arrack is the pure natural sprit and it distill from naturally fermented palm Wine, makes it one of the healthiest and most natural alcoholic beverages available in the world. Finally, Sprits of different age groups are selected with different flavors and blended to manufacture arrack under carefull supervision for the purpose of botling.

Our Palm Arrack Manufactured in three different flavours. “RAMTO 99”, “DUWOLA”, “HYQAR “ are special flavored arrack Manufactured from different age groups of Pure Palm Sprit.

Palm Arrack is traditionally well known for centuries for its health benefits such as diabetics free. Sri Lankan believes Palm arrack as a healthy Natural alcohol.