TAATAS GLOBAL is a Leading Arrack (Liquor) Manufacturer, Distributor and Exporter in Sri Lanka. We Manufacture 100% Natural Palmyrah Palm Arrack from the clean Palm wine collected from the Northern Part of Sri Lanka.
TAATAS GLOBAL Was Established in Sri Lanka by Our Founder and Chairman. Our Factory & Head Office Is Situated in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. We Are Engaged in Manufacturing and Marketing of Premium Quality Palm Arrack and Wine for 30 Years. As The Reputation Continuously Grew, Today TAATAS GLOBAL Exports Its wide Range of Alcoholic Beverages Worldwide.

«Professional stylist tell me how beautiful it is to hide or emphasize your image. The beauty lies in the details of trends, the choice of fabrics and colors. We are experienced professionals and guarantee you a unique result. We will provide you with the highest quality of our service.»

  • 100% Organic
    Palm Arrack is made from the Natural organic spirit fortified with Natural flavors.
  • Premium Label and Packaging
    Best graphic design Artists and Packaging team working on the finest product developments
  • Certified
    Registered Under Ministry of Industries as an Arrack & Wine Manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka
  • Distributor Compliments
    We Export Alcoholic beverages at premium quality at very fair prize for large order quantities.
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