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For more than 2000 years, Sri Lanka has been a country that is especially famous for tapping coconut and palm trees for toddy and arrack. As such, Ceylon Palmyrah and Coconut Arrack are one of the oldest distilled spirits in the entire world. We all know that Scotch whisky has been extremely famous for its vintage features for over a long period of time. But did you know that Ceylon Arrack is even older than Scotch whisky?

Let’s discuss more about the features of Ceylon Arrack in this blog article.

Exporting Ceylon Arrack throughout the World

Sri Lanka is extremely prominent for exporting coconut and Palmyrah based products and drinks throughout the world. According to a British explorer, Arab traders visiting Ceylon in the 5th century called these tapped drinks “exhilarating” spirits. In that regards, Sri Lanka produces natural, high-quality and refined arracks.


Generations of Arrack Making Process

During ancient times, generational tree climbers climbed the Palmyrah or coconut trees to collect the sap. Then, they distill the sap through a traditional process by hand. The people of Sri Lanka considered this process an art. This delightfully multifaceted arrack is 100% naturally made and it is considered a mystical spirit that attracts the consumer and warms them to the core. People who drink arrack usually come back for more, due to its enticing taste. It has a unique, strong and dark taste.


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Traditional Value of Ceylon Arrack

Making arrack in Ceylon is considered a traditional art that has been handed down through generations of families. As such, not everyone can become an arrack maker. They worship their coconut and palm trees and treat the entire process of arrack making in an almost religious manner.

What is the specialty of Ceylon Arrack?

Ceylonese respect honesty in business. Ceylon-based arracks always contains integrity and quality. It is a traditional process where they offer respect to the natural beings of earth. As it is a business that has been handed down through generations, the people of Sri Lanka treats it as an inspiration and conviction. This is the reason why Ceylon is especially famous for exporting arrack.

Ceylon Arrack and its versatility

Even before the 1600s, people used Arrack as a versatile drink. People used it as a base spirit for punch and cocktails. It can enhance its own flavor as well as the flavors of other drinks. People consume Arrack with coconut water, neat, or on the rocks. Sri Lankans mix it with natural fruits like apple, pears and their syrups, wine-based spirits, ginger beer, citrus fruits like orange, lime, dried orange peel and lemon. They even mix it with alcohol- based drinks like brandy, tequila and whiskey.

Ceylon Arrack and its mixtures

Aside from considering it as a side-lining mix, Ceylonese also mix their Arrack with ingredients like nuts, raisins, apricot, coconut, almond, ginger, coffee and chocolate. They infuse Arrack with elderflower, rose, spices, herbs, tea leaves or tea powders. It could also become a bartender’s “dreams come true.” A bartender can add a dash of bitter ingredient to Arrack, and make it a multifaceted drink. No matter what is mixed with it, Ceylon Arrack has the ability to bring forward even the subtlest taste and flavor of the ingredient impeccably while also being the perfectly balanced, sublime, and exotic drink.

Ceylon Arrack has multiple health benefits

As it is based on coconut juice, the coconut arrack of Sri Lanka has several health benefits and medicinal qualities. It lowers blood pressure, improves the filling of small vessels, reduces fatty plaques, and promotes vasodilation when consumed in small doses. An individual can get rid of constipation and enhance their metabolism and digestion by consuming a tablespoon of Sri Lankan Arrack.

Ceylon Arrack Improves Blood Flow

Arrack improves blood flow. Thus, it decreases the risk of stroke and other similarly dangerous health issues. It increases blood distribution throughout the entire body. Moreover, it gets the heart pumping in a healthy manner. Thus, it strengthens the heart and reduces numerous heart attack symptoms. People above 40 or 50 can consume arrack in a moderate approach to keep their heart healthy.

Ceylon Arrack Prevents Nervous Clotting

Along with the blood flow enhancement in the human body. Thus Ceylon Arrack can prevent clotting and disruption of the nerves that are connected from the nervous system to the rest of the body.

Apart from medicinal benefits, arrack can keep the drinker warm from cold weather, help reduce insomnia, enhance relaxation, and decrease muscle tension. It acts as a stress reliever particularly during night times.

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Ceylon Arrack can heal skin damages

Arrack can be mixed with salt, steamed and mildly dabbed in affected rashes. Since coconut arrack is entirely natural, it has soothing effects over damaged skin. Arrack can be used as an effective disinfectant to heal wounds on the skin. Apart from being used as external application on the skin, arrack can also be consumed to cleanse the face from dirt, acne, and dehydration. Thus, it gives a glowing appearance. Consumers of Ceylon Arrack usually have moist, hydrated, and glowing skin.

Ceylon Arrack can be used as a face mask

Apart from drinking, you can also use Ceylon arrack as a face mask to enhance skin rejuvenation.

First, step 01 – Mix 50ml of Arrack with 100 ml milk

Then, step 02 – Dip the gauze in the solution and apply gently to the face

Next, Step 03 – Leave the mask on for 20 minutes

Then, Step 04 – Remove the gauze and wipe the face with a gentle cloth

Finally, Step 05 – Apply Moisturizer or a gentle cream

After using this mask for a few times, blemishes, acne, and dark spots will decrease. You will get a more healthy and elastic skin.

The goal of Ceylon arrack is to always produce high-quality, 100% natural arrack to the world.

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