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A Short History on Sri Lankan Arrack

As the Best Distributors of Sri Lankan Arrack, Taatas is privileged to share the history of Arrack. Sri Lanka’s traditional alcohol industry is based on “Arrack”, its production spanning from many years. Similar to Scotch whisky in Britain, Vodka in Russia, Sake in Japan, Arrack has become the alcohol trade mark for Sri Lanka. Discovered as far back as the 5th Century A.D. in Sri Lanka, Palm Arrack is a unique alcoholic beverage obtained by tapping the palm inflorescence. Similarly sap from the Palmyrah tree is also obtained through toddy tapping. Sri Lanka has lush Palmyrah plantations throughout the island. They span thousands of acres. Thus, they are the inspiration for the tapping of Toddy or palm sap. Moreover, it’s subsequent distillation produces the much relished Palm Arrack.

The Growth of Sri Lankan Arrack within the Alcohol Industry

Since the privatization of Sri Lanka’s alcohol industry in March 1992, the volume of liquor produced in the country has leaped to a record level of 46.9 million’ proof liters of all categories of legally produced Arrack in 2011 from 14.9 million’ proof liters in 1991. During the period of 20 years the production has increased by 216 percent.

TAATAS (PVT) Ltd and their business strategies in distributing Sri Lankan Arrack

Taatas attains operational excellence by optimizing their processes and working more efficiently. In addition, they help their employees grow and attract new talent. Moreover, they prioritize sustainability and responsibility over everything else. Also, they leverage the potential of all their distribution channels to reach every consumer. Similarly, they accelerate each phase of their business through digital transformation. Mainly, they create innovative brand experiences by introducing new types of products and services. Likewise, they upscale their product range to become and remain number one in the luxury spirits segment. And, they give themselves and others time and encouragement because this fosters an entrepreneurial spirit. Significantly, they trust each other. They are open and challenging. Finally, they always behave as a team – when they are together and when they are apart.

Production Method of Sri Lankan Arrack by TAATAS (PVT) Ltd

TAATAS (PVT) Ltd.’s alcohol beverages includes hard liquor and soft liquor. Hard liquor includes various types of Arrack and locally made foreign liquor. Soft Liquor includes sweet toddy and fruit cocktails. In addition, Toddy production through Palmyrah trees is done in an entirely traditional way. They respect the culture and norm of toddy tapping. Taatas respects this tradition in their distribution.

The Toddy Tapping Process of TAATAS (PVT) Ltd

Tapping or extracting palm sap or Toddy is the first step. The tappers gain toddy from the unopened flower of the Palmyrah tree. At dawn, tappers move from tree to tree along connecting ropes. Then, they extract the sap of the yet unopened palm flower. They use a deft slice with a sharp knife to draw the nectar out of the flower. Next, they collect the sap in a clay pot placed under the flower. A tree on average yields approximately two liters of toddy per day. The liquid ferments quickly into a mildly alcoholic drink locally called ‘toddy’.

The Fermentation Process of TAATAS (PVT) Ltd

They collect the toddy in the earthenware pot. Then, it undergoes rapid fermentation due to the natural variety of wild yeasts and bacteria. Next, they pour it into large wooden casks made out of Halmilla wood after a minute filtration process. Then, they transport these wooden casks gently to factories for distillation. The liquid from thousands of trees are moved in wooden barrels to collection centers, tested for quality. Next, they take it to the distillery and pour it into wash backs made of teak or Halmilla. All the process is done within 3-4 hours of the sap being drawn from the flower. Lastly, the delicate process of distillation begins.

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The Distillation Process followed by TAATAS (PVT) Ltd

Distillation is generally a two-step process involving pot stills, continuous stills, or a combination of both. The first step results in “low wine”, a liquid with alcohol content between 20 and 40%. However, the second step results in the final distillate with an alcohol content of 60 to 90%. It is generally distilled to between 33% and 50% alcohol by volume to proof. The entire distillation process is completed within 24 hours. Various blends of Palm arrack diverge in processing, yet the extracted spirit may also be sold raw, repeatedly distilled or filtered, or transferred back into Halmilla vats for maturing up to 15 years, depending on flavor, color and fragrance requirements.

Why is TAATAS (PVT) Ltd the best distributors of Sri Lankan Arrack?

Taatas always strives to be the best – they are restless, always learning, always improving. The Company sets high standards and then try hard to exceed them. TAATAS delivers results, win where they compete and celebrate their success. Moreover, they are proud of what they do – they act with the highest standards of integrity and social responsibility. They enjoy and benefit from diversity. Certainly, they value each other. TAATAS seeks and benefits from diverse people and perspectives. They aim to create mutually fulfilling relationships and partnerships. TAATAS (PVT) Ltd is committed to their professional and personal development, and ensuring that their company is a great place of manufacture, distribution, and export.

TAATAS’ Sri Lankan Arrack has many health benefits

As it is based on coconut juice, the coconut arrack of Sri Lanka has many health benefits and medicinal qualities. It has the power to lower blood pressure, improve the filling of small vessels, reduce fatty plaques, and promote vasodilation when had in small doses. An individual can drink a tablespoon of Ceylon Arrack thrice a day after meals, to get rid of constipation and improve metabolism and digestion.

TAATAS (PVT) Ltd and their responsibility in distributing Sri Lankan Arrack

Reducing harmful drinking is core to TAATAS’ corporate premium strategy. They wish to ensure that their brands are enjoyed in moderation and responsibly and they encourage their employees and consumers to be responsible hosts and respectful guests. Moreover, TAATAS actively participates in global public debates around alcohol and health. They respect their consumers and set high standards for marketing and self-regulation and operate with transparency about all their policies. TAATAS is dedicated to promote the understanding of responsible drinking; they play a leading role within industry trade associations and contribute to relevant conversations related to public policy, in a transparent and ethical way.

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