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Distilled from the sap of the Palmyrah flower or the palm flower, Palm Arrack has been a local favorite for centuries. For more than 2000 years, Sri Lanka has been a country that is especially famous for tapping palm trees for toddy and arrack. As such, Palmyrah Arrack is one of the oldest spirits in the entire world. TAATAS (PVT) Ltd aims to take the fame of spirit to the global level. The company wishes to serve the Arrack Spirit in some of the World’s most fashionable restaurants. Despite impediments, TAATAS (PVT) Ltd attempts to raise the quality and profile of the spirit locally and overseas.

The Arrack Spirit has an entirely natural fermenting process

The first step in the process of making Palm arrack is toddy tapping. It is an age-old talent that people have passed down for generations. Toddy tappers are those who climb palm trees to extract the toddy from palm trees manually. The tappers couple and girdle the palm trees while moving from tree to tree. Then they acquire the palm sap by tapping the unopened Palm inflorescence for its nectar. Subsequently, they use earthenware pots to collect the toddy.

When the toddy is fresh, it has high sugar content. However, sooner rather than later, the microscopic vegetable organisms and yeasts act on the present sugar and convert it into alcohol, which is the fermentation process of Palm toddy. Then, they filter liquor carefully and pour it into massive casks made from wood of the Halmilla tree. Afterwards, they move the casks carefully for distillation. 

What is the distillation process of Palm arrack?

There are two stages of distillation. The first one is continuous distillation while the second one is pot distillation. Within 24 hours, the staffs complete both processes and thus help create arrack. The purified spirit that is formed after distillation is the 100% pure and natural palm arrack. It has a distinctive flavor that the quality testers taste and test for highest quality.

For better aeration, the staffs mix the contents of the wooden casks meticulously every fourteen days. In order to increase the taste of the arrack, they add spices and herbs during specific stages of storage. The ingredients and mixing details are retrieved from ancient recipes that are usually handed down for generations.

What is the maturation process of Palm arrack drink?

The company mixes, smooths, and enhances the flavor of the distilled and stored arrack continuously until they reach the desired output. This is a crucial process because only experts in the field can perform tasting and testing of the maturing arracks. The wooden vats also have a major role in the maturation process, since constant contact with the wood enhances the taste of Palm arrack.

What happens after maturation process of Palm arrack?

When they approve the arrack for its flavor, they then double distill it for more smoothness, or blend with other drinks or condiments under careful scrutiny by experts in the field. The drink is then ready for selling, bottling, or drinking. The company can age the Palm arrack for more than 20 years, and can even give it a unique name.

Traditional Value of Palm Arrack

People in the old ages consider the making of a Palm Arrack a traditional art and hand it down through generations of families: not everyone can become an arrack maker. They worship their palm trees and treat the entire process of arrack making in an almost religious manner. In Sri Lanka, as well as in other countries, lucrative markets are available for premium versions of arrack. Here, people market it as a smooth, artisan spirit that people can either drink as a neat drink, or mix it in cocktails.

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