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The Extra Special Arrack produced by TAATAS (PVT) ltd is a blend of 100% natural and organic Palm spirits that are refined, fermented, distilled, and matured in the most hygienic way possible. The Extra Special Arrack is a premium drink of TAATAS that is both flavorful and aromatic. It has no artificial flavors or colors, and is completely natural. The Extra Special Arrack of TAATAS is manufactured, distributed locally, and exported internationally throughout the world while meeting the Global Quality Standards required for exporting arrack internationally in a legal way. The rich taste and smooth texture of this arrack makes it extra special indeed.

What is TAATAS’ goal in manufacturing Extra Special Arrack?

From Toddy to Arrack, TAATAS’ Extra Special Arrack from premium arrack brands is some of the finest in the world. All are at the very top of their respective categories and are distributed under exclusive agreements. TAATAS’ resident employees and experts work tirelessly with the production and management of Extra Special Arrack that never ceases to impress.

What is the unique character of TAATAS’ Extra Special Arrack?

Integrity and quality is always found in the arrack produced by TAATAS (PVT) ltd. As it is a business that has been handed down through generations, manufacturing the Extra Special Arrack is treated as an inspiration and conviction by the people of TAATAS. This is the reason why TAATAS is especially famous for exporting Extra Special Arrack.

TAATAS’ Extra Special Arrack lifts the spirits of consumers within seconds

TAATAS’ special brands of Arrack have been bringing people together for more than 200 years. Their world-renowned Toddy, Palmyrah Arrack, Cocktails, and drinks like whiskies, scotches, tequilas and cognac that have spirits in them are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a celebration, after-work drink, or a reunion. TAATAS (PVT) Ltd carefully manufactures consumer favorites and new classics that are always ready to be explored.

Why is this arrack deemed as extra special?

As it is based on 100% natural Palm spirit, the extra special arrack of TAATAS has several health benefits and medicinal qualities. It has the power to lower blood pressure, improve the filling of small vessels, reduce fatty plaques, and promote vasodilation when consumed in small doses.

An individual can consume a tablespoon of TAATAS’ Extra Special Arrack thrice a day, especially after meals, in order to get rid of constipation and enhance metabolism and digestion.

  • Erik Ellestad researched and crafted a Swedish Punch recipe, which includes:

750 ml Extra Special Arrack, 1.5 liters Rum, 8 lemons, sliced thin and seeded, 750 ml water, 8 teaspoons loose black tea, 2 crushed cardamom pods and 4 cups of sugar.

First the lemon slices, rum, and Extra Special Arrack should be placed in a large container, sealed and steeped for 6 hours.  Then the water, tea, and cardamom pods should be steeped for 6 minutes, and then strained. Sugar should be added and the mix should be allowed to cool. Finally, the arrack mixture should be strained and blended with the tea. It should be bottled and allowed to rest at least overnight.

  • Harry Johnson included Extra Special Arrack in his recipes for English Royal Punch, Hot Arrack Punch, and fine Cold Ruby Punch, which includes:

1 liter Extra Special Arrack, 1 liter ruby port, 1.5 liters green tea, 500 gr granulated sugar, Juice of 6 lemons, 1/2 pineapple, cut into small slices. First the sugar should be dissolved into the tea and other ingredients should be added into a punch bowl. The mix should be served chilled.

  • Trader Vic Bergeron included an Arrack Cooler in his 1948 Bartender’s Guide, which includes:

45 ml Extra Special Arrack, 15 ml rum, 1 bar spoon of fresh lemon juice, and 2 dashes of flavored syrup. The ingredients should be shook using shaker over ice and strained into a goblet. A large piece of ice should be added, filled with seltzer and topped with a champagne float.

No matter what is mixed with it, TAATAS’ Extra Special Arrack has the ability to bring forward even the subtlest taste and flavour of the ingredient impeccably while also being the perfectly balanced, sublime, and exotic drink. The goal of TAATAS’ Extra Special Arrack has always been to produce high-quality, 100% natural arrack to the world.

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