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The Double Distillation Process of TAATAS (PVT) Ltd

First, let us understand what distillation means, when it comes to arrack. Distillation is generally a two-step process involving pot stills, continuous stills, or a combination of both. The first step results in “low wine”, a liquid with alcohol content between 20 and 40%. The second step results in the final distillate with an alcohol content of 60 to 90%. Various blends of Palm arrack diverge in processing, yet the extracted spirit may also be sold raw, repeatedly distilled or filtered, or transferred back into Halmilla vats for maturing up to 15 years, depending on flavor, color and fragrance requirements.

Some of TAATAS (PVT) Ltd Arracks go through the double distillation process in order to retain a higher quality and distinctive smoothness. The double distillation and slow maturation of TAATAS is performed in Sri Lankan Halmilla vats which gives it a remarkable taste and aroma.

What is the difference between distillations when it comes to alcohol?

This is a typical question that tends to be slightly argumentative. Perfection is frequently connected with a light style of arrack, yet the two ought not to be mixed. Some light-enhanced arrack of TAATAS can be strong, while some heavy, vigorous arrack can likewise be smooth. There are various variables that can add to perfection, yet generally it all depends on the quantity of congeners and impurities in the arrack spirit.

Congeners are flavor enhancers that are found inside the spirit that are typically made by the natural yeast during the fermentation and maturation period. Likewise, they create and transform during refining and distillation. There are many congeners that grant various flavors in the arrack, and some are more remarkable than others. During the distillation procedure, the distiller has a chance to keep or eliminate these congeners, which is based on the style of arrack they need to make. Not all congeners taste incredible, especially not in huge amounts, so they are mostly taken out from the procedure.

The still, also called as the wash includes water, congeners, and 8% alcohol. In double distillation, as the fluid in the still heats up, the liquor and palatable congeners will isolate itself from the water, disintegrate and go up the still into the condenser where they are gathered prior to being distilled again in the spirit still. The point is to ultimately concentrate the liquor to around 70% and above.9

Contingent upon the size and state of the still, a portion of this fume hits the sides of the still, gathers and falls down into the bubbling fluid. Each time this occurs, the fume is basically being redistilled, each time isolating out more congeners and pollutants that are left in the water beneath, and turning into a lighter spirit – this interaction is called reflux.

Every time the spirit is distilled, it becomes stronger in character. The average strength in double distillation is 70% or above in alcohol concentration. This also then has an impact on flavor. The stronger the spirit, the lighter its aromatic character will be.

Each time the spirit is refined, it becomes more grounded in character. The normal strength in double distillation is generally 70% or above in alcohol concentration. Likewise, this then has a massive effect on the arrack’s flavor. The stronger the spirit, the lighter its fragrant character will be. No wonder people love TAATAS’ double distilled Arrack; it is strong; it is smooth; it has a light fragrance; it has the highest quality; its taste is highly refined; and there are no impurities or grit in double distilled arrack.

Why is TAATAS (PVT) Ltd the best distributors of Sri Lankan Arrack?

TAATAS constantly sets high standards and then try hard to exceed them. TAATAS deliver results, win where they compete and celebrate our success. The company is proud of what they do – they act skillfully, with the highest standards of integrity and social responsibility. Their distillation process is performed in an entirely hygienic method. Their palm arrack are one hundred percent natural and organic. They always distill their arrack to perfection, bringing a harmonious and smooth balance to its aromas and flavors. TAATAS ensures that the finish on their double distilled arrack has a captivating and intense palate.

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