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TAATAS (PVT) Ltd is the best Palmyrah Arrack Manufacturers in Sri Lanka. In the Northern part of Sri Lanka, three distilleries currently store over 150 million liters of Palmyrah spirit in the peninsula. However, there is hardly any demand to produce Palmyrah arrack. The spirits had been distilled from the stocks of toddy collected over the months from Palmyrah growers throughout the peninsula.

Distilleries in Jaffna only accept toddy with 4.5% or above alcohol strength. Otherwise, they return them or reduce the cost. The toddy should also be fresh or have a fermentation period below 30 hours.

This is where TAATAS (PVT) Ltd. comes in:

TAATAS (PVT) Ltd. focuses on manufacturing, distributing, and exporting 100% natural, organic and high quality Palm arrack in Sri Lanka as well as throughout the world. The company maintains five major slogans for manufacturing Palmyrah Arrack. They are:

TAATAS Follows Simplicity. They have a simple network infrastructure, Palmyrah Arrack production and management.

TAATAS is Trustworthy. They consider integrity and reliability as their dictum. All their employees are trustable people, and they act as a family when it comes to handling the highly traditional process of toddy tapping and Palmyrah Arrack production. Their network is secure and provides visibility into their procedure and control of their data about the palm arrack that is distilled and processed each day. They handle open communications with their stakeholders to ensure integrity, reduce external risks, and protect intellectual property.

TAATAS maintains a sense of intelligence and commitment. They have modern solutions with secure features to help aggregate, visualize, and analyze data from connected machines and equipment, and to assure the reliable, rapid, and secure delivery of data.

TAATAS Gives Importance to History

Even before the 1600s, people used Palm Arrack as a versatile drink. They used it as a base spirit for punch, and cocktails. It has the wonderful ability of enhancing its own flavor as well as the flavors of other drinks. People consider Palmyrah Arrack making a traditional art that has been handed down through generations of families. Not everyone can become an arrack maker. They worship their palm trees and treat the entire process of arrack making in an almost religious manner. TAATAS offers 100% organic and naturally flavored Palm Arracks.

TAATAS is 100% Legal. Many places across Sri Lanka, including Jaffna face illegal distilling of Palm toddy using crude distilling machines. This produces a strong alcoholic beverage called ‘Kasipu’. To increase the alcohol content of the brew, illegal brewers add sugary and starchy materials of poor quality to the fermenting toddy. Sometimes, they also add certain metals into the brew. People believe that the “Kasipu” will be more intoxicating. “Kasipu” is not a healthy drink since it has all sorts of impurities. Some of it like methanol and heavy metals in concentration above the permissive level for distilled alcoholic beverages.

However, the Palmyrah Arrack manufacturing, distributing and exporting process of TAATAS (PVT) Ltd. is entirely natural and legal. Brewed out of the fresh toddy, their Palm arrack is a natural local alcoholic spirit manufactured without any risky chemicals or preservatives.

TAATAS is Versatile. People can consume Palm Arrack with coconut water, neat, or on the rocks. TAATAS’ Palm Arrack comes in many flavors, including vanilla. You can mix it with natural fruits like apple, pears. Also, you can mix it with their syrups, wine-based spirits, ginger beer. People can also mix it with citrus fruits like orange, lime, dried orange peel and lemon. Moreover, you can even mix it with alcohol- based drinks like brandy, tequila and whiskey.

Palmyrah Arrack Manufacturing Process

Palmyrah Trees and their connection to Sri Lanka

It is one of the main crops the northern capital of Jaffna has to offer. It is a wonder tree that gives us a variety of products based on its fruits, sap, tender leaf and fiber as well as tuber and other food products.

Palmyrah sap is a main part used to make Palmyrah Jaggery, treacle, sugar, vinegar and toddy. By fermenting the sap of the Palmyrah, you can make the local alcoholic drink Toddy. Tropical Asian and African countries produce it. Toddy can be further distilled to make stronger alcoholic drinks such as arrack. Palmyrah toddy and arrack is a popular and traditional beverage in Sri Lanka. But due to the accessibility issues only northerners use this.

Toddy Tapping in Sri Lanka

Toddy tappers climb the tree and get the flower from the coconut when the time is right. This is dangerous due to use of weather-worn ropes, slippery trunks of the palm trees and the wind. The toddy tapper usually walks a tightrope tied high above between two adjacent coconut trees. He holds on to a one rope at shoulder level and walks on the other ever so carefully. A single misstep would be fatal. This is a frequent sight in the early morning in western coastal areas in Sri Lanka such as Panadura, Wadduwa, Maggona, Payagala, Beruwala to Aluthgama.

TAATAS’ (PVT) Ltd Distillation Process

TAATAS’ distillation and bottling process is at its finest in and around Sri Lanka. The Company reaches the market in the north with a neat finish and at a comparatively low cost. They have a network that makes it possible to assess data related to the distillation process, and take action quickly, even at the network edge.

Their Palmyrah toddy is fresh and has a fermentation period below 30 hours. Therefore, their Palm Arrack is the best production throughout Sri Lanka. It is high-time that we focus on promoting this 100% natural, organic, and high quality product in Sri Lanka as well as throughout the world.

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